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 David Killick

E-mail : killick@email.arizona.edu

Professional Address : School of Anthropology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0030, USA


Academic qualifications : PhD Yale University 1990

Professional position : Professor of Anthropology

Keywords : Archaeology, Archaeometry, Archaeometallurgy, History of Technology

Research topics : I am interested in African prehistory and history from the origins of agriculture to the present, and especially in tracing connections between sub-Saharan Africa and the Islamic world between the 7th and 15th centuries. I also apply methods from geochemistry and materials sciences to reconstruct past technologies, with particular focus on the comparative (pre)history of mining and metallurgy world-wide. I have done fieldwork in Malawi, South Africa, Cameroon and Senegal on the archaeology and ethnoarchaeology of iron smelting, and in South Africa on mining and smelting of copper and tin. I have also done laboratory studies of metals and/or metalworking residues from Niger, Mali, Kenya, Botswana and Madagascar. My major current interest is in lead isotope "fingerprinting" of southern African copper and tin sources, with the ultimate intent of detecting prehistoric long-distance trade in copper, tin and bronze. Outside Africa, I've worked on prehispanic copper smelting in northern Peru, on 19th century bloomery iron smelting in upper New York, on supposed Spanish colonial armour in southwestern north America, and on Spanish colonial copper and lead extraction in Hispaniola (modern Dominican Republic) and New Spain (modern New Mexico).

My technical competences include optical petrography, optical metallography, ore microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and electron microprobe. I work with geochemists (Joaquin Ruiz and Mihai Ducea, both of the University of Arizona, and Tom Fenn, of Yale University) to apply lead isotopes to try to track the geological sources of non-ferrous metals.

Publications :
Killick, David
2015 Iron smelting technology in the Middle Senegal Valley, ca. 550 BCE-1500 CE. In The Search for Takrur: Archaeological Excavations and Reconnaissance along the Middle Senegal River Valley, edited by Roderick J. McIntosh, Susan Keech McIntosh and Hamady Bocoum, Chapter 7. New Haven: Yale University Publications in Anthropology, in press.

Fenn, Thomas and David Killick
2015 Copper Alloys. In The Search for Takrur: Archaeological Excavations and Reconnaissance along the Middle Senegal River Valley, edited by Roderick J. McIntosh, Susan Keech McIntosh and Hamady Bocoum, Chapter 8. New Haven: Yale University Publications in Anthropology, in press.

Molofsky, Lisa J.,David Killick, Mihai N. Ducea, Monica Macovei, John T. Chesley, Joaquin Ruiz, Alyson Thibodeau, and Gheorghe C. Popescu
2014 A novel approach to lead isotope provenance studies of tin and bronze: applications to South African, Botswanan and Romanian artifacts. Journal of Archaeological Science 50:440-450.

Killick, David and Duncan Miller
2014 Smelting of magnetite and magnetite-ilmenite ores in the northern Lowveld, South Africa, ca. 1000 CE - ca.1880 CE. Journal of Archaeological Science 43:239-255.

Killick, David
2014 From ores to metals. In Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective: Methods and Syntheses, edited by Ben Roberts and Christopher Thornton, pp. 11-46. New York: Springer.

Killick, David
2014 Cairo to Cape: the spread of metallurgy through eastern and southern Africa. In Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective: Methods and Syntheses, edited by Ben Roberts and Christopher Thornton, pp. 507-528. New York: Springer.

Killick, David and Thomas R. Fenn
2012 Archaeometallurgy: the study of preindustrial mining and metallurgy. Annual Review of Anthropology 41:559-575.

Heimann, Robert, Shadreck Chirikure and David Killick
2010 Mineralogy of slags from prehistoric South African tin smelting sites. European Journal of Mineralogy 22:751-761.

Chirikure, Shadreck, Robert Heimann and David Killick
2010 The technology of tin smelting in the Rooiberg valley, Limpopo Valley, South Africa, ca. 1650-1850 CE. Journal of Archaeological Science 37:1656-1669.

Fenn, Thomas R., David Killick, John Chesley, Sonja Magnavita and Joaquin Ruiz
2009 Contacts Between West Africa and Roman North Africa: Archaeometallurgical Results from Kissi, Northeastern Burkina Faso. In: Crossroads / Carrefour Sahel. Cultural and Technological Developments in First Millennium BC / AD West Africa. Développements culturels et téchnologiques pendant le premier millénaire BC / AD dans l'Afrique de l'Ouest, edited by S. Magnavita, L. Koté, L., P. Breunig,and O.A. Idé, pp. 119-146. Frankfurt: Africa Magna Verlag.

Killick, David
2009 Cairo to Cape: the spread of metallurgy through eastern and southern Africa. Journal of World Prehistory 22:399-414.

Killick, David
2009 Agency, dependency and long-distance trade: East Africa and the Islamic World, ca. 700-1500 C.E. In Polities and Power: Archaeological Perspectives on the Landscapes of Early States edited by Steven Falconer and Charles Redman, pp. 179-207. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Killick, David
2005 Sub-Saharan Africa. In Technology in World History, edited by W. Bernard Carlson, volume 4, pp. 8-35. New York: Oxford University Press.

Killick, David
2005 Appendix F: Examination of thin sections from Madagascar. In Sigrid Gabler, Iron Furnaces and Future Kings: Craft Specialization and the Emergence of Political Power in Central Madagascar, pp. 319-372. PhD. Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan.

Miller, Duncan and David Killick
2004 Slag identification at southern African archaeological sites. Journal of African Archaeology 2(1):23-48.

Killick, David
2004 Review Essay. What do we know about African iron working? Journal of African Archaeology 2(1):97-112.

Miller, Duncan, Maanda Mulaudzi and David Killick
2003 An historical account of bloomery iron working in the Lowveld, South Africa. Historical Metallurgy 36(2):112-121

Kusimba, Chapurukha and David Killick
2003 Iron metallurgy on the Swahili coast of Kenya. In East Africa Archaeology: Foragers, Potters, Smiths and Traders, edited by Chapurukha M. Kusimba and Sibel Barut Kusimba, pp. 99-115. Philadelphia: The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Killick, David
2003 Appendix C.2. Laboratory study of slags, ore and refractories from Walaldé, Senegal. In Alioune Deme, Archaeological Investigations of Settlement and Emerging Complexity in the Middle Senegal Valley, pp. 374-388. Ph.D. dissertation, Rice University.

Fenn, Thomas and David Killick
2003 Appendix C.3. Chemical and metallurgical analysis results for copper alloy artifacts recovered from Walaldé, Senegal. In Alioune Deme, Archaeological Investigations of Settlement and Emerging Complexity in the Middle Senegal Valley, pp. 389-431. Ph.D. dissertation, Rice University.

Miller, Duncan, David Killick and Nikolaas van der Merwe
2001 Metal working in the northern Lowveld, South Africa, A.C. 1000 – 1890. Journal of Field Archaeology 28:401-417.

Killick, David
2001 Science, speculation and the origins of extractive metallurgy. In Handbook of Archaeological Sciences, edited by D. R. Brothwell and A. M. Pollard, pp. 479-488. London: John Wiley and Sons.

Ackerman, Kyle, David Killick, Eugenia Herbert and Colleen Kriger
1999 Ethnographic iron smelting at Lopanzo, Zaïre. Journal of Archaeological Science 26(8):1135-1143.

Killick, David
1996 On claims for "advanced" ironworking technology in precolonial Africa. In The Culture and Technology of Iron Production in Africa, edited by Peter R. Schmidt, pp. 247-266. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

Killick, David
1995 Variation in African iron-smelting practice: implications for the study of prehistoric iron technology in Europe. In Paléométallurgie du Fer et Cultures, edited by Paul Benoit and Philippe Fluzin, pp. 59-64. Belfort Cedex: Éditions Vulcain.

Kusimba, Chapurukha M., David Killick and Richard G. Cresswell
1994 Indigenous and imported metals in Swahili sites on the Kenyan coast. In Society, Culture and Technology in Africa, edited by S. Terry Childs, pp. 63-77. Philadelphia: The University of Pennsylvania Museum (MASCA Research Papers in Science and Archaeology, Supplement to vol. 11).

Gordon, Robert B. and David Killick
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Childs, S. Terry and David Killick
1993 Indigenous African metallurgy: nature and culture. Annual Review of Anthropology 22:317-337.

1992 Kasungu and Kaluluma Oral Traditions, 1983/84. Translations by Felix Msamba, edited and annotated by David Killick. Typescript deposited in the African Studies Library of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and in the National Archives, Zomba, Malawi. 83 pp.

Killick, David
1991 A little known extractive process: iron smelting in natural-draft furnaces. JOM (Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society) 43(4):62-64.

Killick, David
1991 A tin lerale from the Soutpansberg, northern Transvaal, South Africa. South African Archaeological Bulletin 46:137-141.

Killick, David
1991 The relevance of recent African iron-smelting practice to reconstructions of prehistoric smelting technology. In Recent trends in Archaeometallurgical Research, edited by P. D. Glumac, pp. 47-54. Philadelphia: The University Museum (MASCA Research Papers in Science and Archaeology 8, part 1).

Killick, David
1990 Technology in its Social Setting: Bloomery Iron Working at Kasungu, Malawi, 1860-1940. (University Microfilms no. 9101274, 363 pp.).

David, Nicholas, Robert Heimann, David Killick and Michael Wayman
1989 Between bloomery and blast furnace: Mafa iron-smelting technology in North Cameroon. The African Archaeological Review 7:185-210.

Killick, David, Nikolaas J. van der Merwe, Robert B. Gordon and Danilo Grébénart
1988 Reassessment of the evidence for early metallurgy in Niger, West Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science 15:367-394.

Killick, David and Robert B. Gordon
1988 The mechanism of the bloomery process. In Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Archaeometry (Toronto), edited by R. M. Farquhar, R. G. V. Hancock and L. A. Pavlish, pp.120-123. Toronto: University of Toronto Department of Physics.

Killick, David and Eugenia Herbert
1988 Recent films and publications on African metallurgy. Nyame Akuma 30:39-41.

Killick, David
1987 Recent iron smelting in central Malawi. Nyame Akuma 28:27-29.

Killick, David
1987 On the dating of African metallurgical sites. Nyame Akuma 28:29-30.

Killick, David
1986 Evidence of ironworking from the Plettenberg Bay excavations. (Appendix A to A. B. Smith, Excavations at Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, of the camp-site of the survivors of the wreck of the Sao Gonçalo (A.D. 1630)). International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration 15: 53-63.

van der Merwe, Nikolaas J., and David Killick.
1979 Square: an iron-smelting site near Phalaborwa, in Iron Age Studies in Southern Africa, edited by T. N. Huffman and N. J. van der Merwe, pp. 86-93. Cape Town: South African Archaeological Society, Goodwin Series 3.

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